Fibre sandwich anyone? And not a loaf in sight.

fibre sandwich fibres spin your own yarn spinning weaving yarns

Have you heard of a yarn or fibre sandwich?

We hadn’t!  And you could be forgiven for thinking we meant something like this!

 knitted sandwich













But fortunately we don’t!!

One of our gorgeous customers, Flo Flood, who is a member of Healesville Spinners and Weavers, enlightened us the other day when we commented on how gorgeous her cowl was that she was wearing. She said it was made using yarn spun from the fibre sandwich they had made at their spinners and weavers group.

twisted cowl made with fibre sandwich spun yarn 










We were still none the wiser so she patiently explained that once a year, at their Christmas get together, each member of the group brings 200g of clean fibre (wool, angora, mohair etc) with them and they lay a sheet on the ground and walk around the sheet throwing in small lengths of their fibre, a small amount at a time. The end result is a fairly deep pile, about 8 inches thick, depending on how many contribute. Then, they 'cut' (well, ish) the fibre mass into sections, dividing it by the number of people who contributed. And everyone takes away their section/bundle and spins it (which can be tricky in places with the varying textures and fibre lengths) and you end up with a totally unique yarn ready to knit or crochet with.

Here's an image from another fibre sandwich we found online from - where the fibres are more similar in thickness - just look at those colours!

yarn spun from a fibre sandwich 









Flo made this twisted cowl and it really is quite spectacular with its mixture of textures and colours and we especially love the glistening black and silver thread running through it.

 Flo Flood in her twisted cowl made from a fibre sandwich spun yarn at Crumbz Craft













If you decide to give it a go – let us know and share with us the creations you make on our  facebook or instagram pages.

By the way - during Yarn Ramble each afternoon from 10-14 July at Crumbz Craft in Healesville's Main Street, one of the talented members of Healesville Spinners & Weavers Group will be spinning away in the shop answering any questions you may have, so feel free to drop in and have a yarn!  Sorry, couldn't resist!! 

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