About Us

Crumbz Craft is a high street store chock full of gorgeous designer aprons, the latest craft books, kitchenware and beautiful household gift items.  In addition we sell all your haberdashery needs: wool, yarn, thread, needles, patterns, fabrics - you can also buy Crumbz own designer elbow length fabric gardening gloves, with matching gardening aprons, for kids as well as adults.

And for those of you who are interested in learning crafts from a bygone era, Kay runs a series of classes and workshops for people to learn and enjoy sewing, patchwork, crochet, knitting, stitching, even watercolour painting.
Come into the store and see our full range of goodies, we’re open 7 days a week.

Our Team












In 2009, Kay and her mum Heather, started the Crumbz apron label. The idea came from Kay’s wish to do something different from her consultancy business and to indulge her interests in fabrics and fashion. Together they created bright, colourful novel aprons to sell at markets and online. In 2011 Kay moved to the beautiful town of Healesville, in Victoria's Yarra Valley and with the nearest sewing shop a 20 minute drive away, she quickly identified a need in the area for a contemporary haberdashery shop – a shop that would sell stylish fabrics, inspiring yarns and unique gifts. The Crumbz aprons continue to be a best selling item and are a shop favourite, as they make a beautiful unique gift from the beautiful Yarra Valley.

Since opening the shop customers have wanted to learn to sew, patch, crochet, knit and stitch – to learn a new art that they can do on their own or with friends. So Kay now offers a series of craft workshops that teach craft in a fun, relaxed environment. The classes are proving extremely popular and customers can arrange private lessons if class dates/times don't suit.





Kay’s mum Heather has been sewing beautifully since she was a small child. She is a home-grown sewer, learning her skills from her artistic mother as well as many other gifted crafters along the way. Heather was the inspiration behind the Crumbz apron brand with her popular BBQ apron design - with a removable hand towel. She especially enjoys working with fabrics and has a keen eye for matching colours and fabric designs. An all round crafter, Heather's passion is sewing and in addition to sewing for Crumbz, she enjoys making gifts to support local charities and sporting groups.




Crumbz Assistant & Wonderful Knitting Teacher

Alison was taught to knit by her mum who was an absolute stickler for getting every stitch exactly right. There were countless times that Alison was made to undo or redo her work, which has resulted in a lifetime's love of the art of knitting; she always has a creation she's in the middle of, on her needles, all year round.  Alison is a natural teacher, perhaps thanks to her mum's tenacity with her, and she loves sharing her knitting tips with others.  Alison has a series of YouTube lessons – so that she can share her tips and secrets that have been handed down through the generations.  You will have a lot of a-ha moments in Alison’s knitting workshops.










Sewing Teacher 

Anneke started sewing very early in life. Her mother made almost everything herself and as a small child Anneke would use the left-over pieces of fabric to make clothes for her dolls. When Anneke was 8 years old she unpicked one of her sister's skirts and remade it into one for herself. That was the first real garment she made and that was the start of her love affair with dress making.

In the early 90s Anneke had her own sewing business working from home doing alterations as well as making new garments for clients.  She completed a dressmaking course at TAFE to learn to sew professionally. During that time she was also doing alterations for Myer which was a great experience and learning curve.  Each garment had to look exactly the same after the alteration as before!

Anneke now enjoys sewing, knitting and crochet as a hobby.  It is something she always gravitates to when she wants some “me-time”. She finds it very therapeutic and loves crafting with others in a relaxed social environment.




Karen has been sewing since her teens and enjoys all things crafty including knitting, crochet and dressmaking, including a love for making bridal and evening wear.  When she isn’t working on Crumbz aprons she is looking after her grandsons or enjoying some time away with her husband.  She enjoys creating new apron designs with Kay and Heather and has thoroughly enjoyed the step away from bridal and evening wear to the wonderful quirky world of designer aprons.