Bold Beginner Knits
Kate Davies

Bold Beginner Knits

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Kate Davies was inspired to create Bold Beginner Knits for a friend and bold beginner knitter, Jane Hunter. Each pattern was specifically created to introduce new techniques and different methods of construction by knitting interesting designs that in no sense resemble beginner pieces. Unfamiliar techniques are introduced with links to relevant video tutorials and, from the straightforward pattern-writing style and visual layout, every element of the book is designed to be clear and easy to follow.

If you can cast on / bind off, knit / purl, increased /decrease and knit back and forth / knit in the round, you’ll be able to make each of these six bold pieces:

  • Colourful modular blanket
  • Top-down cardigan
  • Simple beanie hat
  • Bottom-up yoke pullover
  • Garment knitted from side-to-side
  • Lace-patterned triangular shawl

Whatever kind og knitter you are, you'll love making and wearing these six appealing designs!