COD013 Fair Isle Beanie (e-pattern)
Crumbz Own Designs

COD013 Fair Isle Beanie (e-pattern)

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Crumbz Own Design COD013

Recommended yarn:
Crumbz Own Yarn
Clover Mohair Tweed 50g/110m balls
MC 75g, C1 25g, C2 25g, C3 25g, C4 25g

Needles and Extras:
3.25mm circular needle (40 cm long) 4mm circular needle (40 cm long) 4mm double pointed needles

Tip: Circular Needles: Alison recommends a 40 cm cable with a 8 cm tip (short), not the normal 12 cm tip..

Model is wearing Clover Mohair Tweed MC 2604 Silver Bell, C1 - 2720 Grape C2 - 2625 Golden Ash C3 - 2709 Rowan C4 - 2724 Tupilo