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Yarn-a-Thon May 2017

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As if 2 June we have raised $4,660 :-)

Have you heard – we’re running a Yarn-a-Thon for the month of May, a Non-Stop Overnight Knit over Mother’s Day weekend, 13/14 May, and we’re fundraising for the Foster Care Association of Victoria (FCAV) for the entire month of May.  Here is some more information about it – if we’ve missed anything, give us a call on 03 5962 6635.


Our Yarn-a-Thon is a sponsored fundraiser that will take place over 31 days in May when you can knit and crochet items and raise funds to support a voluntary foster carer, through FCAV. We’ll be knitting or crocheting scarves, beanies or mitts.  It is a similar format to a Read-a-Thon, except we will be knitting and crocheting.  Sponsors can either pledge an amount per completed item or make a single donation.  To mirror the 31 days in May, we will be running a Non-Stop Overnight Knit for 31 hours, over Mother’s Day weekend.

HOW IT WORKS - Please refer to the How It Works process diagram opposite for details of how the Yarn-a-Thon will work. The Registration Pack that you will download once you have registered, also provides full details on the event.

This event is 100% inclusive and is open to everybody. We are encouraging beginners as well as experienced knitters/crocheters to get involved. You might be just learning to knit or have been crafting for years, or be in a group or school who would like to collectively support the event?
Everyone (or group) will need to register. So, register yourself by selecting one of the above options and download your FREE Registration Pack. Choose your projects to make and then ask your friends and family to sponsor you either per item or as a single pledge.

If you’d like to be involved but don’t know how to knit or crochet, why not sign up for a lesson with Shara or Alison? A scarf or beanie would be a perfect beginner’s item while you’re learning. Or, you can make a donation to the event via our Everyday Hero account

NON-STOP OVERNIGHT KNIT – 31 hours - 13/14 May 2017
On the 13-14 May, we will be hosting a 31 hr Non-Stop Overnight Knit at Crumbz Craft.  Yes, that’s right; we will be knitting and crocheting through the night.  The event will start at 9am on Saturday morning and go through until 4pm on Sunday afternoon!

If you’re unable to join in our event, why not run one of your own?  Get some crafting friends together and hold your own sponsored non-stop overnight knit for 31 hours.  There’s heaps more info in your registration pack you’ll get when you register.

You are welcome to keep your finished items, or, you can hand them in to us at the shop by the end of May.  All items received will be donated to FCAV to be distributed to families in need and be given-away as prizes at the National Foster & Kinship Care Conference being hosted by FCAV in Melbourne this year.


What do I need to do to get started?

  • First, register yourself online ( or in store and get your registration pack.
  • Your registration pack includes information on free patterns, and kits you can buy.
    How much does it cost? Nothing, it’s free to be involved.

    What is included in the registration pack:
    • An overview of FCAV and why Crumbz Craft has chosen it as its annual charity to support
    • Your knitting/crochet log, to keep track of your completed projects
    • Your sponsorship form, to fill in with your sponsors and pledges
    • Information on how to pay in your contribution
    Can I knit/crochet other garments to support this charity?
    In agreement with FCAV, our fundraiser will knit/crochet scarves, beanies and mitts - so let’s see how many we can create as a group to decorate our window.

    How does payment work?
    We’ve set up an Everyday Hero account for you to deposit your money into and all the details are in the registration pack

    Do I need to raise a certain amount?
    Whatever amount you raise will be fantastic…because being a group fundraiser, every little bit helps.

    How can I share my progress?
    We’d LOVE you to share pictures of your items as they are progressing: Your registration pack contains all the information you’ll need about hashtags and sharing photos and videos.

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